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Mon, Jan 9, 2012 3:48 AM

Default to Favorites when pressing Guide button?

Is there a way to default to the user Favorites when pressing the Guide button instead of showing the gazillion channels in the lineup?


The Enter(Zoom) button is a good shortcut alternative to pressing the Menu button and then browsing to the Favorites, but the browser to go to whichever was last selected and used.  If I can't make it default to the Favorites then it should at least go to the Favorites if that is what I used last so the next time I press the Guide button it should go to the Favorites.


Maybe the Hide Channels is another way to do this, but then I have to go through the gazillion channels in the lineup (which lists everything, not just my subscription channels) and click to remove them.  So in essence through Hide Channels the Guide mirrors my Favorites?



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Now you can just press the yellow (A) button



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The A button will display the favorites line-up like you would for pressing the guide button.  But I agree, AT&T has made favorites inconvenient. The A button is too small and there should be a default for the guide button.  But I have several other problems with Uverse over DirecTV,  It just doesn't appear to me that AT&T put any thought into their mobile app or the remote for accessing channels because it would be expensive.  That s**ks.  One major problem I have with Uverse is the OnDemand movies.  In DirecTV, when you asked for other showtimes for a specific movies or TV show, you also were given the  option to easily access the OnDemand shows (especially for past episode).  But not AT&T.  With them, you have to physically search whether the show is even on OnDemand.  And on the mobile app, it's even more frustrating.  And even then, Uverse does not display the season and episode so you can follow just which season you are watching.  Go ahead, click the info button when watching a show - no season and episode designation.  So if you thought you saw that episode before, maybe you did.  Uverse won't help you with that.

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