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Sun, Dec 16, 2018 2:29 PM

Channel has jumped to live tv

Occasionally I will pause a live program or rewind a program for a few minutes. When I continue to watch the program it will eventually jump forward to live tv which causes me to miss part of the program. I get a message "this channel has jumped to live tv to allow viewing on another TV or recording on the  DVR receiver." The issue is other TVs are not on and the DVR is not recording. Any ideas?


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2 years ago

Hi @Clallen,


You can get this message when the TV Receiver and the DVR get out of sync in their communication to record and play your "live TV" program and have to give up OR when the DVR has to use all its output channels for something else.  Since the UI is designed around a perfect world where communication is never interupted, the message describes the expected issue not the actual one.


The way around this is to restore  the reliability of the communication between the Wireless set up box and the DVR: Move the WAP away from and out of line with other RF sources, try to get the WAP closer to, or a better line of sight to, the Wireless TV Receivers, etc. We also recommend restoring your Dvr ( this wont cause any recordings to delete).


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