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Fri, Jan 25, 2019 10:16 PM

Cannot Sign Into Third Party Apps - Will AT&T Take Responsibility?

After speaking to multiple reps, being transferred several times, even going on Twitter for support, I came across this forum and wow, it seems MANY of you are having the same issue I am having.


I cannot sign into any third party app using my U-Verse credentials - it says I'm not authorized.


Like you, no rep could provide me an answer until I stumbled upon a rep from their social media team who gave me some more insight.


So, per AT&T Support, this issue has been ongoing since June of 2018 - yes, you read that right - June.


Here we are a full half of a year later and there is no fix. 


I asked for an ETA from the rep, and she said there isn't one.


I asked if AT&T is compensating their customers for this, to which she replied "Yes, but for us to credit you, the issue has to be resolved first".


So yes, they are compensating, but theres no ETA for the issue being resolved, and oh it has been "looked into" by techs since June of last year.


That seems to me like they're not actually trying to fix this at all.


AT&T, you have several customers on this forum, and likely thousands more across the country that are paying for a service that they can't use, and this is what we get in return? 


I'd like to see this issue resolved. I'm a new ATT customer, coming from Spectrum, and I thought they were bad, but this is next level.


I wouldn't even care so much about this problem if the U-Verse App was available on devices other than phones - you can't even AirPlay/Cast to a TV.


I'd really appreciate if someone at AT&T can show some sort of progress on this issue, because if it's going to continue to be weeks/months before this is resolved, I'll happily pay the $180 ETF and switch to another provider.


WE are the paying customers, WE deserve the features we're paying for. WE deserve an explanation.


AT&T - it's time to take responsibility.

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