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Tue, Jun 10, 2014 5:47 AM

Al Jazeera America

Per, ATT Uverse and Al Jazeera has settles the carriage lawsuit over ATT refusal to carry Al Jazeera America. The accord will allow Al Jazeera America onto ATT's Uverse pay-tv service.





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6 years ago

No what I'm saying is that you'll get all of it. The mobile, the HD and the SD. BeIn is Al Jazeera's sister network.


A lot of networks are "In house only" on the mobile app. Al Jazeera you can watch it basically wherever you have an internet connection. 


They're mobile friendly. Time Warner has the HD feed of Al Jazeera America on their app available out of home, and in both SD and HD on the TV. That's the case with most new contracts. 

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