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Wed, Jul 18, 2018 10:51 PM

Additional wap

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Is it possible to run ethernet cable from moderm to second floor, and add another Vap2500 wap device near a wireless receiver to boost tv signal? 


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2 years ago

No, only one WAP allowed.  But if you were (are) prepared to run that extra ethernet cable that far, why not just connected it directly to that wireless receiver so that it simply becomes a wired receiver?  Plug that ethernet cable into the wireless' Network socket.  Reboot the gateway (maybe WAP too), and you should be good to go.


Of course if you have 2 tv's "up there" you would need yet another ethernet cable for it.


Another possibility, use that long ethenet cable to the existing WAP to give you more freedom to move it around to possibly find a better place to allow its signal to reach all the wireless receivers.

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2 years ago

Thanks @_xyzzy_,


That would be correct, you can only have one residential gateway per household per account. Big shout out to _xyzzy_ for taking care of the community!


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