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Thursday, September 8th, 2022 5:39 PM

HBO "Can't Verify Your Subscription"

My husband works for AT&T, we also have a qualifying plan, and I still can't get the HBO to work, even though we've been using it and it's been working since he started there. I mention that he works there to show that yes we are indeed supposed to be getting HBO. I'm just trying to watch a movie with my dad and I've gone through the whole process listed in every other post by AT&T employees telling us what to do and it still isn't working. There also isn't anywhere on my account page allowing me to activate the HBO service again and when I type in the domain that has been sent it just redirects me back to my account page. 

Yes- I verified my password.

Yes- I signed in with the correct account.

Yes- I've tried signing out and refreshing and starting all the way over. Multiple times.

Yes- I am eligible for the HBO on my account.

Now I'm no technical genius, but with a company as big as AT&T, you think you'd all be able to solve this issue by now. (I've seen you've been working on this issue for your customers over the past two years, and that's just what I've seen posted, could be longer.) Why continue to offer a streaming service if you can't get it to properly work? And please don't suggest I upgrade. There is no upgrade, we are fully upgraded, unless there is another tier I don't know about and if there is and it's just for me to get HBO, I'll pass. 

I'd be a lot less upset if I saw that this was an issue getting solved, but considering it is a very obvious issue not being solved for weeks and no end in sight for AT&T's's a bit ridiculous. 

So, my question to you AT&T, do you have a solution for HBO not working, that you haven't already listed as a response to almost every other person's exact same question, that will work. Please look at the other questions already listed in this same category before responding with the exact same response being given. That way if someone looks at this answer they will get a different one. Hopefully one that works. To the employee responding to this, I'm not angry with you, I know that isn't your job. To the person in charge of fixing this issue, I am angry with you though, but as I said I'm not a technical genius and maybe you've been trying. I just wish it wasn't this hard.

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1 year ago

We understand how important it is to access your HBO Max subscription to be able to watch a movie with your dad, @Mewwtant.


Thank you for letting us know all the troubleshooting steps that you have tried. With that being said, let's meet in a Direct Message to further review and work towards a resolution together. You will find a chat icon next to the bell icon in the upper right corner. Our next message will appear there. 


In the meantime, just gather your account information and have it ready for our Direct Message. Do not post any personal information here. 


Thank you for contacting AT&T Community Forums. We look forward to your response. 


Clarissa, AT&T Community Specialist 

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