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Monday, May 8th, 2023 5:50 PM


I can't find any email addresses for customer service, so I'm posting this here.

After almost 40 years with AT&T, I plan to change wireless carriers….and probably internet and TV as well. I have 3 wireless numbers, Fiber and DirectvStream. I’m looking for reasons, explanations, apologies and incentives to understand why I should stay with AT&T.


Before I traveled to Italy last month, I contacted AT&T several weeks before I left Texas and asked for a SIM card compatible with Italy. Customer service was very accommodating, and I received the new SIM card within a few days. I was told to call AT&T and to activate the SIM card before I left the U.S., and that is was quick and easy. I soon learned differently.


It was horrible and was never activated. I was on the phone with support AND with chat support at the same time for more than 3 hours trying to get it activated. At one point, I was even asked to borrow a phone from someone at the airport to try to make my phone work. I tried a few times when I got to Italy until I gave up.


The results of this included not being able to connect with my friend who traveled with me, not being able to check in on my daughter who has cancer, not having GPS for driving directions….and now I can’t even check my bill because you want to send me a text to prove that it’s me….and I couldn’t get texts because you never activated the SIM card and my old one didn’t work. Wireless connection saved me a few times….but not without HOURS of lost time. Finally, after returning to the states, one customer service agent finally transferred me to a supervisor who could activate my old SIM (after another agent just hung up when I asked for a supervisor).


The second issue is with my bill: my daughter has signed up for the trial line to add wireless to her car. But she canceled it. Instead, I find out that I’ve been billed ~$25/mo for 6 more months.


Finally, Directv Stream. When I signed up for DTV Stream, you couldn’t seem to figure out that the Directv satellite account that I had many years ago no longer existed. It took 3 days of constant chatting and calling with customer service to get my account working. Frankly, I didn’t complain then, because I was so tired and frustrated that I couldn’t bear the thought of dealing with another customer service agent.


I certainly hope all of this is in my account records if anyone should care to review them.

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1 year ago

AT&T has spun off AT&T TV / DIRECTV to a separate DIRECTV company.  Please see their forums for venting about any of those services here:


Not sure what tell you about your other issues.   But since you titled this tirade "Directv stream," and posted it in the HBOmax section, it's not likely to be seen by anyone with any knowledge or interest in the wireless side of things.  If I tried to move it to Wireless, the title would get it moved elsewhere in the TV area.


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1 year ago

This is a customer-to-customer forum and we cannot review your account records as we have no access here.  It sounds like you have had a horrible customer service experience.  Only you can decide whether or not to stay with AT&T/Directv Stream.  Since you have received such horrible service you could always file a complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) as this complaint would go to the corporate offices.  As for the confusion with the Directv Stream account and your old Satellite account, the issue could have been you used the same login credentials from when you had your Sat account causing the confusion even though that account was no longer active.  If you used the same information the Directv website would think you were trying to login to your old account.  Other than your issue when first signing up for your Directv Stream Account are you having any other issues with the Directv Streaming service?

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