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Fri, Jul 3, 2020 8:32 PM

Problems with Closed Captions and Subtitles after 0x13af update

I have a Genie HR54-700 and it had a firmware update a couple of days ago to 0x13af. It is connected to a Sony X900F 55 inch television.


Since the update both closed captions and subtitles are much higher on the screen than they were previously...high enough to really interfere with the picture. They are also much smaller. I have reset everything and even hooked the Genie up to a 55 inch LG television with no change.


Is this a bug in the update? I don't know what else to try since it looked the same on two different 55 inch it is definitely something with the Genie or the it worked perfectly before the update. Thanks for any ideas of a resolution.




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4 months ago

Hi @Bugger1114, we can help with your CC settings.


Want to change how you see closed captions on your screen?


You can adjust settings like the font color, background color, and font size. 


On this AT&T support article you learn steps to change display options.



Let us know if this helps.


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Thanks for your reply. I already knew of those options and settings  for the closed captions.


Unfortunately that doesn't solve the issue of the location on the screen. They are showing up too high from the bottom of the screen. It is the same on two different 55" televisions.


It started after the latest update 0x13af.

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3 months ago

@Bugger1114 Thanks for speaking out on this issue.


I'm experiencing the same thing here with both of my Genie HR54/200s, after the 0x13af update that I installed on June 25 my captions for multiple channels are way too far on the left now and cover up the lower thirds most of the time.

Before 0x13af they were only slightly to the left of the middle and were totally fine. But this update has really messed up the caption placement on this model. None of my other DirecTV receivers or DVRs have this issue, it only affected the Genie HR54 it seems. No settings on my end were changed and no settings or resetting the box is fixing the placement now. I even have a picture of caption placement right before the update and directly after the update showing the dramatic shift to the left of the screen.


This is actually as far as I know an FCC requirement that the captions don't cover vital information in the lower third of the screen and it isn't the channel's fault, this changed with the 0x13af update, so can we get this addressed?

I definitely want this to be known so it can be addressed/reverted in the next update.


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a month ago

@ATTHelp Any plans or anything in the works for another update for the Genie HR54 that will fix the issues caused by update 0x13af? Specifically the issues with caption placements?

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