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Fri, Dec 2, 2005 10:58 PM

New H10 receiver bad?

I have been running two std Hughes receivers with 3 LNB dish for awhile with local channels and no problems. Recently I switched my primary receiver to the H10, went through the setup successfully with no problems. The last couple of days I've been experiencing intermittent problems with my local channels and possibly a couple of others. The signals aren't out totally, but unwatchable like what you'd experience in a temporary storm.

I noticed that doing the sig tests on the H10 while experiencing the problem, Sat A transponders 18 & 28 have 0 signal and Sat B transponder 23 has 0 signal. Using the link to the DirecTv transponder chart, these are omitted. Interestingly enough, my older Hughes std receiver isn't affected and the channels are fine.

Could I have gotten a defective H10 or what else could be the issue? Thanks.


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