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Tue, Jun 6, 2006 8:31 PM

My day with Custmer Service.. HD Locals NY

Here is my summary of my 1 hour on the phone with customer service. Understand my reason for calling is I have a cable problem from the Dish down. Living in NYC in a 15 story building we don't rush to go on the roof because of the long cable runs, we call for service. My thought was if I am going to have a service call, could I upgrade to the 5 LNB so I could get the local HD channels...Here's what happen.

I started out with Rashad, who was pleasant, but didn't know if I went with a 5 LBN, would my H10-250 be compatable. I was then tranferred to Jane, who said "No, No according to this (she was reading something) if you live in NY or LA you can recieve HD Locals with a 3 LNB and the H10-250.. "they just need to turn it on..."

I was then tranferred to Kelly in Eligibily.. She says I'm sorry but NO in your zip code you can't get the HD Locals with 3 LNB and H10-250 and NO the H10-250 is not compatable with the 5 LNB.. You need the H20, but its not a DVR.. but later this summer we will have something for you..

I said so bottom line is I can't get HD Locals at all in with any path? She says yes... other than a Off Air antenna which is a bad option in NYC. Ok then I just want the service call to fix my cable issue. I was then tranferred to Annette who was great and very nice, who set up the service call and then said that would be $70 for the service call. I said I wouldn't pay it for something I will have to replace in 2 to 3 months when I can't get a service I should be able to have. .. She was great and waived the fee.. She saved a loyal Directv customer (10 years) from calling Time Warner Cable..

My question is that scenario accurate in New York? No path for HD Locals in zip 10025?



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