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Sat, Dec 3, 2005 7:49 PM

HD dish must be oval (multi LNB), not round style?

Here is my situation, I currently have a 4 yr old RCA 65" (MDL.# HD65W20) with built-in HD tuner / built-in Direct TV receiver with activated card. I want to utilize the $10.99 Direct TV HD program but my Tivo DVR hooked to my multi LBN is not the HD version. The DVR connects to the TV via the S-video connection, leaving my single Sat. coaxial connection open on the back of TV set. That connection goes straight into the activated Direct TV receiver built into the TV. My question, I need to know if a round single LNB dish will work for picking up HD or is the multi LBN-oval dish required? I have access to a single LBN dish, but before I go to the trouble of setting it up and ordering the Direct TV HD package, I need to know if it would work.


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