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Mon, Aug 15, 2016 9:07 PM


Having Trouble WIth The Genie Internet Connection?

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There are a few things that can effect the Wireless Genie connection and On Demand downloads. Below you will learn what can affect the wireless signal and what you can do to resolve it.


Receiver and Modem Environment  

Environment is key. It is important to keep the Wi-Fi receiver free and clear of electronics that may interfere with the wireless signal. We recommend having the receiver 2-3 feet away from electronics, especially speakers. Speakers have a magnet inside that can disrupt the wireless signal. The same goes for the modem. Keep it free and clear of electronics.


Distance and Walls 

The further away from the modem is from a wireless device, the weaker the signal will be. This can cause internment service drops. Walls are factors as well. The signal has to pass through them to reach your device. If the home is built with concrete or rebar within the walls, this can dramatically effect speeds.


Internet Plan 

The plan you are on can affect how long it can take to download On Demand content. We recommend a plan of 6 mbps or higher depending on how many devices you have connected. The more devices you have, the more speed you will need. If you are an ATT member, log into your account here to see what options you have.


Update the Modem Settings 

There are settings in the modem like the channel that you can adjust that may improve the quality of the signal. It is recommended you test each one to see which works best. If you have ATT U-verse internet service, you will find instructions on how to update the wireless channel here. If you have another provider of internet service, we recommend checking their help articles for assistance. Most forums have a lot of good information and all you have to do is search.


Improve Equipment Distance

Place the modem in a centralized location in your home so the signal is equally dispersed. Make sure the genie is within range of the modem. A good way to determine this is to use your phone. If you see the Wi-Fi indicator drop below 3 bars, there is a good chance the genie is too far away. Check out this graphic to get an idea of the best setup.


Upgrade Your Internet Plan 

When you rent an On Demand movie, the same connection that your Genie uses is the same as your phone, computer or tablet use. The more devices connected, the slower speeds will be. This can affect the download time of the movie. In some instances, it can take 24 hours for the movie to download. Depending on the plan you have will determine if it can handle the devices connected. If you have a 1.5, 3, 6 mbps plan and have multiple devices, we recommend turning them off until the movie has been downloaded completely. We recommend upgrading your speeds if you have multiple devices.



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3 years ago

Our main receiver is HR54-700.  I cannot find a model number for the Genie Mini.


The main receiver never loses internet connection.  The Genie Mini loses it at least every hour, whether we are watching live TV or DVR.  

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