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Tue, Jun 2, 2020 3:02 AM

During program screen goes to still adds still hearing the program but don’t see it how to correct this

Screen goes to still adds during my program like when you pause a program for a long time. Still hear the program but the screen is not showing the program. What can I do to correct this?





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a month ago

Have you tried to power cycle the receiver? Make sure you don't have any upcoming recordings for at least 15 minutes, then remove the power cord. Put it back and wait until it boots up.

Other than that, there's probably nothing else you can do. What I think, it seems like they're having advertisement problems all around. The ADs that used to popup for me after 30 seconds of pause, and the Video On Demand (Error 927) problem. I'm guessing the VOD issue is AD related too, since if the receiver can't acess the ADs, then it won't function. But just a guess by some posts I've read.

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