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Wed, Nov 2, 2005 9:15 PM

connecting multiple HD receivers

my setup: 1 3-LNB sat dish, 1 OTA antenna, 1 std receiver, 1 HD receiver. I plan to add a second HD receiver w/ Tivo (HR10-250). HD local channels provided from OTA, all other channels from sat dish (std/HD)

My question: What do I need to do from a line perspective to get all 3 receivers to get the appropriate channels, ability to record live, watch HD, watch all 3 tv at the same time, etc...?

my guess at an answer: OTA antenna split into 3 lines 1 running to each receiver, 1 line from dish to std receiver, 1 line from dish to HD receiver, 2 lines from dish to HD w/ tivo receiver (dual tuner). Is this correct?

Are direct TV installation techs capable of setting this up correctly? My experience with cable techs is they only can do basic installs...anything complex they screw up somehow.

thanks for any/all help


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