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Sat, Jun 6, 2020 4:54 PM

Can't rent movies from channel 125

When I try to rent a movie from channel 125 with my remote it goes partially through then a screen comes up with the following message: Call a certain number and ask for extension 777 or text order to a certain text number. I used to be able to order with the remote with no problem. I have been on the phone with various and many support people with AT&T/Direct TV for hour upon hour, and I do mean hours to no avail. A tech has been on site and said nothing is wrong with the equipment. I have talked with the billing dept to make sure there is no billing hold on the account. They assure me there is no billing hold. The last thing they just told me a few days ago is that renting movies from channel 125 is no longer available so I really don't have a problem. Not sure why so many of their technical people worked with me for hours when according to them there is no problem, sounds a little fishy to me. Now, I just opened my monthly statement and in Bold letters they state: Directv has the movies you want! Visit Channel 125 to buy or rent new releases and your favorite Classics. It looks to me like Directv has a problem they can't resolve and are not telling me the truth. I would like to know if anyone else is having this problem?


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