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Tue, Sep 22, 2020 3:26 AM


You know AT&T is full crap, the pick a war/fight with ME but DON'T like how I respond. AT&T trying to say I owe them $556.00 from 2014 and I never had their service. They place the account in collections and it come up on my credit report. I was very upset. Now they brought me to a battlefield and want me to be nice. The collection company AFNI after a FEW WORDS with them, they now don't like talking to me.

Now here comes AT&T fraud department stating this account was back in 2014, and they want all my personal information to show this account not mines, after sending it, they play stupid like they can't find it and want more. Here is the thing, they try to make people pay for other people delinquent accounts, I see now that why they want the personal info so they can try make this account mines. WELL I have no problem doing AT&T like I did AFNI because the account is not mines. I am not waiting 7 years for this come of which would be next year, so AT&T going to try make the account look new.

I am not the one to play with. They don't understand they disrespected me, I did NOT ask for this, they brought me to war. WHY PICK A FIGHT WITH ME AND DON'T LIKE HOW I RESPOND; I DIDN'T KNOW ON YOUR DOOR. But you want to keep sending through sharks water, I am here to tell you I am not afraid.

They are liars, con artist, scammer, bullies, game players, evil workers, user, and malicious and a whole lot of other words.. AT&T came for me, ok.





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