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Tue, Feb 25, 2020 5:43 PM

Program Your AT&T TV Remote (Streaming Device)

So get this, if you have AT&T TV and a compatible TV, your remote will program itself when using an HDMI connection.


Depending on the age of your TV, the Plug and Play program option may not be available. Not to worry, setting up your remote is super easy.

How to program your AT&T remote

  1. Press and hold both the Fast Forward & Rewind buttons
  2. Images will appear on the screen (shown below) indicating your remote is pairing.


During this process, the remote will also pair to your TV.


   Heads Up: not all TVs will pair with the receiver


Remote Pairing Troubleshooting

If you are unable to pair the remote after 3 tries, a screen will pop up that will allow you to complete the setup with the remote in IR(infrared) mode.


   Heads Up: Features such as the Google Assistant voice control, 3rd party content apps, and    software/firmware updates will not work using IR Mode.


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist

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4 months ago

My remote is paired but will not turn the tv on or off. It is a Samsung and relatively new.  How can I fix this?

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4 months ago

The remote works with every task EXCEPT turning the TV on and off.  It will do everything else and turn the box on and off but the TV remains on or off.

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4 months ago

Actually, if you go into remote settings of the Osprey box you can setup your TV and speaker system/receiver to turn on/off as well as volume control even if it does not setup automatically.

I just did it recently....might be a new feature that rolled with an update.

I don't remember seeing all those options before.

I have an old Samsung Plasma, a Mitsubishi rear Projection TV and a 21 year old Kenwood Surround Receiver all working perfectly!

One remote one button on and off!


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