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Mon, Mar 25, 2013 6:32 PM

How to use my DVD player

I have no idea how to use my DVD player with UV. I have 3 remotes. UV, DVD, and TV. Could you in detail tell me exactly what I should push, going into AND out of, to play the DVD and get back to UV. In detail, please.



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8 years ago

Deb7073 - I do not know enough about your setup to tell you in-detail. I can get you started.

I expect the U-verse remote is programmed for the TV. When you hit the power button it turns on both the U-verse STB and the TV. The u-verse remote controls the TV volume.

The u-verse STB is connected to a TV input. Connect the DVR to another compatible input. Perhaps, composite - Yellow red & white jacks.

If you are lucky - the tv/video button on the U-verse remote will give you a TV menu to change inputs on the TV - first push the TV button then the tv/video button. If not, you will have to use the TV remote to change inputs.

Turn on the DVD player. Practice switching inputs between U-verse and the DVD on the TV. Then practice watching U-verse, using the u-verse remote. Then practice watching a DVD using the DVD remote for playing - fast forward & all such activities. Use the U-verse remote to adjust TV volume.

Once you are comfortable with this mode. we can try programming the U-verse remote to work with the DVD if you like.



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4 years ago

Before I got ATT service I was able to play videos on my DVD player. Now the TV screen tells me, very faintly, to go to and troubleshoot. I can not get any answers from you.

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