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Sat, Sep 9, 2017 12:42 AM

Can I Provide My Own Cable Modem?

My wife and I are building a retirement home in Lenoir NC. AT&T U-verse is the only service provider that supplies Internet, TV and Phone to the community. We are currently working with BestBuy to handle our interior appliance, video, network, audio, smart home functionality. We are purchasing equipment (when on sale!!) for an early 2018 installation. We will be installing a CAT6 cabling to all rooms with two runs for each of 3 TVs, Netgear Orbi Mesh network, Netgear ProSAFE hub, VIVINT Smart home system and security system.  When AT&T bring service to the house we will want them to run the service  cable to the location at around the center of the house where all the cable runs will terminate and the hub will be installed along with the mesh router and a few other devices (OOMA for telephone). We are looking at future proofing the home as much as possible as we do this build-out. With that in mind we want to be able to support speeds well above 100Mbps. We also want DOCSIS 3.1 support in the modem.


With that in mind we are looking at functionality such as provided by a ARRIS - SURFboard DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem or its equivalent.


Will AT&T U-verse allow a customer purchased cable modem? For very high (maybe Gigabit) speeds are there any other suggestions or equipment we might look at?


Thank you.





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3 years ago

Answer is no. ATT does not use cable modems and ATT provides their own router/modem/gateway.

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