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Sat, Apr 14, 2018 5:25 PM

Can I extend my wireless signal with a wiFi Long Range Repeater?

I have a wired Uverse receiver in my living room and 2 wireless UVerse receivers in my bedrooms.

The receivers in the bedroom do not get a strong enough signal from the WAP. I have tried to move the WAP, however, with the layout of my house, it would be more practical to use a wifi signal repeater/extender instead of running a longer ethernet cable. 


I have set up a wifi repeater/extender to amplify the UVerse network and it does a fantastic job for my phone, computer and other wireless devices. 


Ideally, I want to change the wireless network of my wireless UVerse receivers to sync with the wireless repeater/extender. As the repeater/extender is simply boosting the WAP signal, I don't anticipate any issues.


Is there a way to change the wireless network for the wireless UVerse receivers?


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2 years ago

Hello @neilage,

Great description of your setup and I’m glad the repeater/extender cranks out the signal for you!

I did some research on your idea and ran it by some great minds to verify. The consensus is there isn’t a way to change the wireless network for the wireless receivers.

Thanks for asking here in the Forums, you’re always welcome here to post questions or concerns.

Heidi, AT&T Community Specialist

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What is Model for the extender?