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Thursday, January 19th, 2023 11:48 AM

WWE on the west coast?

I live in the California Bay Area and I have ATT U-Verse tv service. I’m never able to watch any WWE show on time. RAW/Smackdown/NXT come on at 5pm but the episode isn’t shown on TV until 8pm. Does anyone know any sort of workaround for this? Or why this happens? It used to happen when I had direct tv as well

EDIT: WWE usually starts airing at 5 PM PST, but it won’t show on my TV until 8 PM PST, 3 hours after its gone live

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8 months ago

That would be a NETWORK issue, not a PROVIDER issue.  AT&T has no control over what and when a program is shown.

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8 months ago

It seems like it's tape-delayed by Fox for 8pm PT.

What time does it come on your neighbor's TVs?

What does your channel's website say?

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