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Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 10:31 PM

Wireless Receiver Connectivity Issues

I have 2 wireless receivers, one in the bedroom (1 wall seperation) and one outside (2 walls and one brick wall).  I never have any trouble with the outside receiver, even though its farther and more walls to penetrate. It always stays connected; however, the bedroom receiver is constantly giving me trouble with television signal loss.  When I look at the signal strength indicator and I have full signal or all the bars, but the TV screen will say television signal lost with instructions on restoring.  I have tried swapping the boxes (outside and bedroom), but that doesnt fix the issue permently.  I have shifted around the gateway, wireless receiver, and the little access point for the recivers, including seperating the AP and gateway. None of these fix my problem on a permenant basis. Do you all have any ideas?

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9 years ago


Hi gkinard,


I'm sorry about the issues you are having with the wireless receiver indoors. I suspect you have a source of interference affecting the wireless connection. Certain devices that may operate within the same bandwidth range could be causing this such as cordless phones, wireless speakers, and baby monitors. This can also be affected by harmonic interference which is caused by some LCD displays. In some cases it is recommended to use a wired connection if the source of interference can not be identified or controlled. Please send me your account information at  ATTU-verseCare to test your service performance and assist you further.







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