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Wed, Jan 23, 2019 12:36 AM

VIP1200 Receiver Volume Not Very Loud

The volume output from my VIP1200 is not nearly as loud as all other devices hooked up to the at same volume level


The receiver is connected to TV using HDMI.

Other devices I have connected on other HDMI ports are Blu-ray player and Chromecast. The TV is then connected to a sound bar using optical.


I already followed the procedure to get to the receiver volume control and it was all the way up on 25. Also tried rebooting it. Volume still not very loud. At same exact levels Chromecast and Blu-ray are way louder.


Also the audio on the box is set to Stereo. Changing it to surround produces no sound at all.


Is this just how these VIP1200 boxes are and I should just deal with it as is or are there any options or solutions?






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Is this with the receiver playing through the tv or some other sound system?

Wonder what would happen if you used component cables instead of the HDMI.

With the receiver set up to it's max (25) there's isn't much more you can do (I assume you switched the sound volume control back to the tv after setting receiver to 25).  It's a pretty old model now.  Might want to replace it with, say, a ISB7005, and if using as a wireless receiver, a VAP2500 WAP.




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Thanks for your feedback. I chatted with support and explained the issue. Asked if a newer model receiver is available but didn't mention any models.


End result is they will replace the existing VIP1200 with same model but the rep claims it has new firmware and that it should resolve many issues they hear about with the older firmware.


I guess I will follow the process and try it out to see if he is right. If same issue persist then I will try to push harder for newer model.

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