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Saturday, November 15th, 2014 1:25 AM

U-verse Remote Help! New Samsung Sound Bar & Can't Find Code

Hey guys!  I'll keep this short and simple:  I just purchased a Samsung HW-F450 sound bar.  Trying to program U-verse remote (S10-S3) using 'AUX' button and have tried the codes for Samsung that were displayed on the manual/boards and still have not found one that will turn the volume off after entering.  Anyone have any codes they got to work in a similar situation that may not be listed in as many places?



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9 years ago

If you want to use the u-verse remote with the Samsung, all you can do is the search method to go through all the codes available.


I believe someone posted that they found Vizio TV codes to work on Vizio soundbar. The problem is the AUX button does not allow TV codes.


If you would like to try TV codes - you can either use the TV button to find a code or reprogram the AUX button for TV - att/ok -944  - TV - AUX - ENTER.


If you are amenable to a different remote -


Or logitech Harmony model 350 is least expensive in production.


If you can return the Samsung and need high power, get a Klipsch elite that is discontinued for $200. Watch newegg for $150 sale.


If you do not need high power get ZVOX.


Both of these are programmable to use standard TV codes. So, You can use the current setting on the U-verse remote or select a common code if you want different control for TV & AUX.

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