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Friday, July 11th, 2014 5:06 AM

Uverse no longer reaches my whole apartment

My ATT Uverse worked just fine the first few weeks I got it.

Now it only works in the room where the router is. Why does the wifi no longer reach my entire apartment?

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9 years ago

It is most likely a router problem Have you tried rebooting the router?



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9 years ago



Hopefully I can shed some light on this, as I may know the answer.  Have you tried changing your Wireless Channel from the gateway?  This sometimes will increase your signal, but if everyone has U-Verse in the apartment building you may experience problems still.  I'd say try playing around only with your channel setting on your At&t Gateway.  Also if you are using an old Modem issued from At&t ask for them to mail you a new one, as their newer ones support N capabilities which are less prone to interfere because of the protocol.  Mostly every device uses Wireless N, but in the case some of your devices don't, the router still supports B/G wireless modes.


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9 years ago

This sounds like you're running into radio interference from other networks in your building.


I won't actually matter if everyone in the building has U-verse; it matters if they have WiFi regardless of their Internet Service Provider.  There are a couple of programs you can get for your computer that will scan the networks around you and tell you what channel they are on.  The one I use for Mac is called iStumbler.  I know there are a few for Windows, too, but I don't know the names.


Using these programs, you can see which channels are least common and switch your own router to one of those.  You will need to do this periodically, as which channel you should use will change over time.


Regarding the N-standard for WiFi, it also doesn't matter whether you're using B/G or N.  Most WiFi networks operate at 2.4GHz regardless of the standard.  There are routers available using the N standard that operate at 5GHz that would help in this situation, though you should still find an appropriate channel like you would on 2.4.  I do not believe AT&T offers Residential Gateways that operate at 5GHz, so you'd have to source that from somewhere else.



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1 year ago

Did you move the router behind the TV or other electronic equipment?   That caused my signal to drop. It perked up when I pulled it back out an set it in the open.  Also microwave ovens can interfere with it, particularly if they're old. 

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