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Wed, Dec 19, 2018 3:07 AM

U verse TV shutting off by itself, no answers to a problem

Ever since I have started with att u verse tv, internet and phone, I have had my tv turn off by itself.when calling the technical staff at att, they said that they didn’t know why and never heard of this. Yet when I went on the internet to look  for answers I see that this has been a problem with att uverse for many Years !! And no one can fix this? I would like some honesty and a solution. Why am I paying for a service that isn’t properly working.





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3 y ago

Ever since I have started with att u verse tv, internet and phone, I have had my tv turn off by itself

Or another interpretation of that problem...


Are you trying to turn off both the dvr/receiver and the tv with the uverse remote and the tv is not turning off?  If that's the problem are you sure your remote is even programmed properly for your tv model?  In other words is it only on/off that doesn't work while the volume can be controlled by your uverse remote?  If the tv's volume can be controlled by the uverse remote then you do have it programmed properly but that begs the next question...


How do you turn off both your tv and dvr/receiver?  Assuming both the dvr/receiver can "see" the remote (they can right?), do you just point in their general direction, push off, and immediately move the remote away, say to lay it back down on the table?  If so you need to be aware that the remote needs to send two sets if IR (infra-red) codes; one set to the dvr/receiver and another set to the tv.  It's not done simultaneously.  The IR signal is sent first to the dvr/receiver and then, about a second or so later, to the tv.  You would be surprised how very easy it is to aim the remote, push the off, move the remote away and the tv doesn't get turned off.   I do that occasional when I'm in a hurry.


So those are the only two conditions I can think of why the uverse remote won't turn off your tv.  It either not programmed correctly in the first place, or it is programmed correctly but you are moving the remote away from the tv too quickly when you press the off button.

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