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Monday, December 12th, 2016 12:07 AM

TV Pausing Issues (I will reward successful help efforts!!)

I have been having issues with my TV freezing for about a minute or less then it comes back on.  Here is an example of my issue:  

It has been doing this for a while now.


Now the funny thing is if I change the channel (or view a recording) then flip back to the freezing channel, it's fine for another 5-7 before I need to do this again.  It does this on BOTH of my receivers directly hardwired to gateway however I do not have these issues with live TV on my wireless receivers. I have tried unplugging both of my wired ones and trying them one at a time but both still have the same issue.  I thought it was a DVR issue but after I unplugged the DVR, this issue was still present. 


I've noticed in the log that everytime this happens in either of my wired receivers, I see these two things: 

2016-12-11T18:53:23-05:00 L4 mcp[1841]: mcp[handle_timers]: group ( timer expired - dropping membership
2016-12-11T18:53:23-05:00 L4 mcp[1841]: mcp[handle_timers]: group ( has stale rep/src entries rep( ex_src( in_src(UNKNOWN

Note: The IP is different with the other receiver.  I have no other major issues in my logs... the only other thing that keeps coming up is:

2016-12-11T18:35:03-05:00 L4 mcp[1841]: mcp[handle_igmpv2_leave_msg]: missing expected data rep=0xC0A801B9 grp=0xE00000FB

I have had about 8 Uverse tech visits in the last 3 years with no luck (last one was out here last week). My last two techs have hinted that if they have to keep coming back out, they will drop me when I have done nothing wrong.  My DSL Stats below show that I should be good! (Note: Errored seconds is from the gateway reboot).  I'm on the 45 Mb profile, I have turned off IP6, use a seperate router for wireless (gateway wireless off) and I have reran every single cable with Cat6 Wiring.  I've tried replacing my DVR, doing hard resets on everything...I don't know what else to do!  


Anyone who helps me successfully resolve this will receive a $20 gift card to Amazon.  I don't want to give up U-Verse (and I do not want Direct TV) so anything 

Timed Statistics
  15 Min Cur Day Showtime Last Showtime Total
Errored Seconds (ES) Line 100000
Errored Seconds (ES) Line 200000
Severely Errored Seconds (SESL) Line 100000
Severely Errored Seconds (SESL) Line 200000
Unavailable Seconds (UASL) Line 10790079
Unavailable Seconds (UASL) Line 20790079
FEC Errors Line 10978978978978
FEC Errors Line 20639639639639
CRC Errors Line 100000
CRC Errors Line 200000
DSL Initialization Timeouts Line 100000
DSL Initialization Timeouts Line 200000

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6 years ago

Hey @SterlingCooper4,

We have sent you a private message and look forward to working with you to get this sorted.




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6 years ago

I have been having the same issue.  What was the resolution?


Community Support


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6 years ago

Hi @SterlingCooper4,


By chance is the receiver plugged into a surge protector? They have been known to cause the same issues. If it is, plug the receiver into a wall outlet. 



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