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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018 4:21 PM

TODAY - Guide No Info is NOT DVR

(posted this on another thread as well, so it will be seen for today's issue)


A friend 6 miles away, in another city, called to say her guide was constantly "no Information available" or "getting information".

Uverse people told her to reboot DVR. She did everything several times with no result. I said from her description it sounded like a system info input problem, not the DVR. So.........

I checked mine - it is the same.  The only channels that have an actual label are the 5100 group which are all various "Stingray" titles, and 8001 to 9999 appear to be correctly labeled per usual.


This is apparently widespread in Chicago area. IT IS NOT THE DVR!  It is something in the Uverse system.


I called and gut the runaround - the C/S person never even got through to technical help because it was so busy, and they refused to let me wait for a supervisor, so I assume there are lots of reports.


ATT - STOP MAKING THIS WORSE!  You will lose customers by not handling this appropriately!

***Post something online or onscreen, and tell all your C/S operators so we can all stop calling and tying up your employees, and most importantly, We can get on with our lives (which are certainly as important as all of yours - and We pay You) while you work on the problem.***

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