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Friday, July 20th, 2018 2:27 PM


If you review this forum you will see that a number of us have been experiencing the same issue/problem all starting around July 1 - series recordings that we have had set up suddenly stop recording, don't show up as scheduled to record and when attempt is made to reschedule the series (cancel existing instruction and then set up again - any day, any time, first run only - the system sets it up for maybe two episodes and then doesn't continue.


I've seen (and done) all the reboot suggestions but since this seems to be a widespread issue it is unlikely that on their own our individual dvr's or gateways decided to pick up this quirk. While the suggestions to resolve may be the same this is almost certainly a result of some system change/issue on AT&T's end that affected some of the U-verse customers. Could you please just acknowledge what happened that might create this issue and what steps you - AT&T - are doing to resolve it? We can unplug and reboot til the cows come home but if you don't recognize that you seemingly caused an issue what confidence can we have in the solution?


Please let us know.



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4 years ago


I suggest you start your own thread because what you are describing is not quite the problem described in this thread.  The problem described in this thread and this other thread are for existing series in the series list not being scheduled at all.  It seems to be regional.  It's all the series not being scheduled, not just some of them.  And what is recorded does not quit at 2 to 8 minuets.


So start you own thread for your unique problem.  And if it is not unique but some permutation to the problem described in this thread it's best to have have a distinct thread anyway so others can add to it saying "me too" to see if they are all from the same region of the country, Florida in your case.  That was the reason I started that other thread from my area of the country (California). 


Note, that other thread also suggest a temporary fix to the scheduling problem (post 2, but later found to only work for the current week).



Almost forgot, for your case reboot the gateway (pull plug for 15 secs. and let it fully reboot) and after it completes reboot your dvr (pull plug for 15 secs.).  This is always the first thing to try anyhow.  See if that fixes it.



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1 year ago

@DavidCS Well it seems the hope that this issue was permanently solved was premature.  Hopefully you still work on these forums years later, as they no longer have anyway to PM.

I'm in Miami, Fl. and I'm experiencing this exact same issue on 4/18/2022.  Guide shows through 4/30/22 8:00pm  but series scheduled recordings only show through 4/20/22.  

Thanks for any help getting the server side bug solution going again.  

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