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Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 2:29 PM

Returning a Remote

Long story short:


I ordered a Point Anywhere RF remote and ended up moving to a location that doesn't have U-Verse, so I got stuck with a remote that I didn't need.  The order was done over the internet through the "AT&T Wireline Web Sales Center," which I paid with my credit card and didn't have any association with my AT&T account.


I made contact with someone at the Web Sales Center and they said to just use the return label that came with the remote to ship it back and I would have the money refunded to me after they received it.  Unfortunately, I lost the information on the label.  Would it be possible to receive the tracking number that was printed on the label from an AT&T representative on this forum?


The only information I have is my original order number.  I tried calling the Web Sales Center again this morning and they had no record of it being received and the person I was speaking to said it would have been a UPS label - but it was a USPS label.  She tried transferring me to someone to get the tracking information for the return label but my "call could not be completed" and I was told to call back again - however, I was already on hold for a good 30 minutes and I'm trying an alternate route while I'm at work.

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