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Fri, Aug 19, 2022 12:59 PM

Live TV error, Recorded TV fine, daily reset gateway

Greetings all,

I have Uverse Fiber and TV.  Have had it for a number of years.  Starting a few months ago we've encountered an odd problem.

Nearly every morning we have to restart the Gateway because the live TV doesn't work.  Turn on the TV and it plays for 10-15 seconds and freezes...then an error screen pops up about restarting set-top box or restarting gateway.  Restarting set-top box doesn't work, but restarting Gateway (either through app or unplug-plug in) works.  The TV error is with all the TVs in the house, both the wired and wireless ones

+the DVR playback of recorded shows is unaffected (works fine)

+internet is unaffected; either at the Gateway or any of the extenders

+things seem to work fine once the gateway is restarted

I've already replaced the Gateway with a new Gateway (after chatting with AT&T).  It seems that it is not the actual box or an individual set-top box, but a system issue.   

Any guidance would be welcome.



Houston, TX


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Let's help with that U-verse TV error you've been receiving, @csgreeley!


Thank you for letting us know which steps you've already taken to troubleshoot that error message.

We suggest checking both your TV and internet equipment for any loose cables. If any of them are loose, this can contribute to the constant disconnections.

Our next recommendation is to use the troubleshoot and resolve app on U-verse TV. The Troubleshoot & Resolve app on your TV is designed to diagnose and fix service and connectivity issues such as what you're currently experiencing.

Let us know if this helps! If not, there are a few other steps we can take. 

Lacey, AT&T Community Specialist 






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I had a tech come out to the house.  I'm still confused with what he said was the problem.  I will post a new thread to address the issue.

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