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Saturday, March 12th, 2016 12:44 AM

Insignia TV and Uverse Remote input button

I have an Insignia LED TV and although I've been able to program the Uverse remote to work for channel changing and volume, the TV input button does not change inputs on the TV.  


I programmed the remote using the code search function because when I tried to input a code manually (after holding down TV and Enter), all top buttons flash 8 times as soon as I try to enter a code (after the first digit) - it's not supposed to do that right?  I should be able to enter all 4 digits...


If anyone has a solution I'd love to see it.  Thank you!



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8 years ago

@dark661   I believe it is the OK button (in the nav arrow circle), not the ENTER button (located to the right of the zero) that you press simultaneous with the TV button to program a TV.


There is no guarantee that the TV/video button will work. You can also see what other buttons do. Be sure to press the TV button first to control the TV functions other than power and volume. Then press the att button for normal viewing.


You can try all the possible codes to see if one works the TV/video button. To try multiple codes start from the beginning & skip one that works & keep going to the next one. Keeep skipping & trying to try additional codes.


Remote instructions here -

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