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Monday, June 9th, 2014 10:10 PM

HTPC build

I am wanting to build a HTPC, and I need to know what hardware I am going to need as far as tuner cards and such go. I have done research on this topic and in a lot of places I am seeing people say that it is not even possible. I have the U300 Package and the wireless set top boxes with DVR capabilites and I would like to be able to watch TV, select diffrent channels, schedule and watch recordings all from my HTPC. If anyone could give me any advice on this subject that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!





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9 years ago

Jman555 - Currently, only U-verse boxes can directly tune the u-verse signal. The way HTPC tunes other devices is called an IR blaster. Look for hardware/software from mfgr such as Hauppage & Elgato to accomplish this. Also, I believe microsoft media room is another option. The signal int the PC is standard video.

A slightly different twist is a slingbox & other similar devices. They access u-verse the same as HTPC with an IR blaster.

The difference is that HTPC uses a video signal wired direct to the one HTPC and slingbox is accessed via the web from any computer in the world to stream the video.

If your objective is to mange recordings you will need HTPC software on the computer, like media room To get the U-verse video into the computer, you have a choice of direct wired video or slingbox adding more flexibility of access, including mobile devices.
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