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Friday, November 6th, 2015 5:50 PM

How to fix unresponsive remotes?

Ever since we got the upgraded DVR Gigapower box, the box has been VERY hit or miss (and sometimes completely unresponsive) to the default remotes. We had a tech out that tried swapping the box as well as using an infrared remote (plugs into the USB port) to no avail.


We were told multiple times that it is a software issue with the box that was supposedly fixed, but we have not yet seen it "fixed".


The odd thing is, using a smart phone as the remote (which is not nearly as usable as an actual remote) works flawlessly. 


Is there another firmware update in the works or are we stuck using phones or hoping the remote works when we want to use it?



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8 years ago

@ender44 - I believe the problem is that the DVR IR sensor is too sensitive. A couple things you can try is bouncing the IR from the remote off the ceiling or back wall.


You can cover the sensor with tissue paper or newsprint. Anything like that. This tape has the perfect opacity & worked  for many people -


The remote that uses the dongle that plugs in to the usb port cannot help for two reasons -

Ambient light in the room (including the TV screen) may be contributing to the problem. Unless you hide the DVR from outside light the problem will still be there.


Also, the dongle accepts RF & generates IR (same as regular remote) if this is too strong the problem still exists. The sensor still needs to be taped up,





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8 years ago

@ender44  If it's an LCD (LED) TV check for these settings on your advanced settings on the menu: Dynamic Contrast, Auto or Ambient Brightness, Energy/Power Saver, Intelligent Sensor or Auto Iris.

If you have any of them or similar ones try turning them 'off' one by one until you find the culprit, then turn the non-offending ones back on to double check. All of these can cause Uverse remote problems w/an LCD (LED).

If it's a plasma, make sure the DVR/STB is in front and the face pointing the same direction as the TV, so it gets no IR from the front of the screen. Good luck 😉



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