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Friday, April 7th, 2017 4:11 PM

GigaPower UVerse TV - wanting to switch from wireless to wired receivers

We've had GigaPower UVerse with UVerse TV now for about 6 months and during that time we continue to have several times a day that the wireless receivers lose the signal.  A quick channel up/down will get it back going, but its just annoying for an otherwise nice system.  


Our setup is a Pace 5268AC gateway in one end of the house upstairs, with a wired DVR close buy; and then two wireless receivers downstairs in our family room and master bedroom.  The gateway has a small dedicated wireless access point that I was told is used to communicate with the receivers.  I have all the other WiFi abilities of the gateway disabled.  Up until this week, I had two Airport Extremes that I used for our WiFi usage. One was near the gateway, and the other near one of the wireless receivers downstairs.  They were connected via a MoCA 2.1 network over coax.  AT&T came to the house a couple of times and said we should try to move the AEs around to create separation from the UVerse receivers, which I've tried to do to no avail.  I just replaced the Airports with a Netgear Orbi router and remote receiver in the same locations.  This eliminated the need for the MoCA network, so my coax is now free.  I'm still getting the outages multiple times a day.


What I'd like to do is replace the two wireless receivers with wired receivers; and use the coax (or could use MoCA 2.0 if it requires CAT6) to connect them back to the gateway.  Before I call AT&T to discuss this, is there any particular problem with doing this?  


Can I use coax, or do I need to use CAT6?  If CAT6, I get about 600mbps through MoCA, so I would think that would work fine.  I'm not using it for anything else at this point.  


Should the performance be about the same with wired vs. wireless?



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7 years ago

You shouldn’t need Moca adapters. Try connecting your dvr via coax to the gateway. Enable hpna, restart your dvr and see if it works. Wireless stb’s cannot connect via coax. Only via cst5. Be warned that it may not work depending on your coax connectors. 

Settings, lan, wired interfaces, homepna. Select coax for output jack. 



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6 years ago

Sorry to revive and old thread but I have a question........I have gigabit (Fiber) internet speeds and also have Uverse TV and Phone......I have the Pace 5268AC RG and my TV receivers are hardwired via coax.  


I have a fairly large home ( 2500 square feet) and I own a couple of mesh wifi systems.  I would love to be able to set up an access point downstairs using an ethernet backhaul to get better speeds but I don't have cat5 run throughout my home.  I want to know if I could buy and use the actiontec 2.0 MoCA adapters?  would that cause any instability with my IPTV and phone service?  I know Uverse supports HPNA but I can't find any HPNA adapters that support gig speeds .....Has anyone else connected and used the MoCA adapters with Uverse with success?  any input greatly appreciated!  Thanks

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