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Wednesday, May 24th, 2023 3:27 PM

DVR and rewind freezes and skips

When recording shows for later viewing and rewinding live shows, the screen freezes then skips ahead, losing part of the recording. I've called and tried to correct this with an agent by telephone at least three times over the last few weeks, only to have the problem resurface.  How do I get a technician to visit my home for testing and correcting the problem?

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7 months ago

I'd do a whole home reboot and then maybe move the DVR to another TV to make sure it's the DVR and not something with that outlet.

Whole Home Reboot:

Unplug everything.

Plug the gateway back in and wait for normal operations.

Plug the WAP back in and wait for normal operations.

Plug the DVR back in and wait for normal operations.

Plug the receivers back in and wait for normal operations.

Also make sure that *all* connections are tight, including in the basement, crawlspaces, etc.

The other thing you can should do is run ethernet (cat 6) directly from your gateway to your DVR. Every place you have a coax connection is just trouble waiting to happen. Since the ethernet only has two ends, it's far less likely for something wonky to happen.

If it's still wonky, I'd replace the gateway. In fact, you may have to when running the ethernet. I had to replace my gateway.

If the reboot, ethernet and replace don't fix it, then I'd call in and request a tech.

You could go directly for the tech, but you may run into an additional fee for replacing coax with ethernet. Why this is a fee is anyone's guess. I've had numerous splitters replaced, had coax replaced numerous times and had techs go into crawlspaces without fees...but AT&T likes to warn customers of this fee.


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7 months ago

It turned out that I needed a new tower as the one I had was found defective.  Thank you for the tips!

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