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Friday, April 10th, 2015 6:12 PM

Direct Connect DVR to Gateway



I'm a recent AT&T Uverse and Internet customer.  I'm trying to figure out why I was told by the AT&T techs that installed my hardware that I need to connect my AT&T DVR directly to the AT&T gateway.


I'm not the owner of the home that the service is used for, so I'm kinda stuck with the owner's mandate. Therefore, with much relunctance from the AT&T Techs, the gateway was installed in one room and the DVR is on the other side of the home.  There is one ethernet cable that directly connects these two device; however, I'm working on wireing the house to put RJ-45 jacks in some of the rooms with a switch in the basement.  


What I want to know is why can I not have the DVR connect to that switch?  If I do, what kind of results would I see from this type of setup?


Thanks so much in advance for any answer (or hypthesis) that someone can give.



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9 years ago

I guess there are many priorities that can be applied to an install. Hard to tell exactly what was driving the one they gave you.


There should be one cat5 from the NID on the side of the house to the RG.


There should be one cat5 from the RG to the DVR. This normally is direct with the RG & DVR right next to each other. If the DVR is off a switch it should work. But, direct woud be prefered.

It depends on what is available on the RG. The RG has four ports. Use one for the DVR. THe distance is not likely to exceed specs.


When you start connecting switches to the RG, use one leg for TVs & another for  internet. If you do not do this you may flood the switch. This means two jacks at each location if you want to cover all possiblitites.


If the RG is adjacent to the switch the four ports on the RG & the ports on the switch can be swapped around when the devices at the end of the legs change. So, if one day you have a computer at a location you could have it connected direct to the RG/ If you change it to a TV you could swap it to a switch output.


Just do not install one cat5 & expect to put a switch on the end to feed a TV & computer. If you might do that put in two cat5 first.

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