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Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 12:37 AM

Controlling receiver volume with Uverse Remote

Having trouble programming my Uverse Remote (S10-S4) to control my Onkyo HT R380 receiver.  I have programmed the dvd player and tv without issue, so I understand the process.  However when I try to scroll through the automated codes for the AUX button - it takes forever and never has a button that works.  When I tried to manually enter the codes - the AUX button resets (blinks 8 times) any time I get to the 2nd number of the codes listed in the book. (all the codes start with 50 or 51).


Right now the only sound for the system is through the receiver - so we are stuck using two remotes.  Would like to only have to use one!  


Thanks in advance!





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8 years ago

The S10 remote is notably deficient in support of aux sound systems. They are introducing a new S20 that is more friendly. Call in & ask for one.


However, do not expect full function support of the Onkyo. If it s supported, you will get just off/on & volume/mute.


While you are waiting for one, you can program the s10 volume control to follow the mode button.


IN att mode Set the STB volume to 15 as seen on the TV screen

Set your TV to a comfortable level.

Set your Onkyo to a comfortable level.

While watching in att mode the volume control will vary the STB volume & you wiill hear the result via either the TV or the Onkyo, whichever is on.




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8 years ago

Here is another thought on controlling the volume with onkyo sound output.


Does the TV have sound output other than speakers - This may be a seprate output jacks or ARC - a back feed over HDMI input from the Onkyo.


Is the sound output from the TV variable?


Does the sound output work for all TV inputs or just over the air?


Check your manual & try these things. If you can get the TV to provide a variable sound output to the Onkyo when viewing U-verse or DVD, then you can use the u-verse remote with the sound settings varying the TV volume. Same as with speakers on but with speakers off.


Another feature of the Onkyo is auto turn on. If the TV has that, as well, the TV can power toggle the Onkyo.

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