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Sun, Feb 27, 2022 7:38 PM


I'm hoping the way to provide DirectTV leadership a compliment/kudos about an an employee is easier than my experience in trying to send one. I called twice, and the 2 agents I spoke with could not direct me to a way to provide a compliment and they were similar to the MANY experiences I have had in the past and prior to the person who helped me toward resolution of my need (and whom I'd like to compliment). I googled, read the forum, etc. and believe I had to create a forum account (username, etc.) to submit this post as a compliment - I hope it was user error on my part but I would like to say if this is how you give employees great feedback, you are missing an opportunity to praise great employees.

I am writing to convey that the woman who helped me resolve my issue was working from a DirectTV customer service office building. She was the absolute best representative I have EVER had contact with. And after 3 hours of trying to resolve my issue with other agents, the online chat, online self-help site, and forum review - I called once more and encountered this agent. I did not obtain her name but am happy to provide more details in a more private communication method than a forum.

She was hands down the very best agent I have encountered. Perfect blend of calm, support, listening, poise, humanness, and technical knowledge.

She solved my inquiry efficiently, and helped me better understand how to manage my system - empowering.

I want to thank her so much; and before I hung up I failed to ask her name because I think I was in shock she was so helpful and the issue was actually resolved.

Please convey my deep gratitude - it's not about TV but it is about the one day your entire family has off together and the ability to spend time together enjoying a game/etc. and not spending it troubleshooting technology all day. I really appreciate the help and more importantly the kindness. I would also like to advocate for more DirecTV resources with this individual's level of training, etc. in case there is a differential of background as well.

Thank you.


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We're glad to hear you had a great experience with one of our employees, @Elisa22


Let's meet in a direct message, so we can get your feedback and provide the employee with the recognition they deserve! Please check your direct message inbox in the top right corner of the page.


Looking forward to chatting with you!

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I want to thank AT&T for having amazing employees such as Mr. Seng Lim!  

Mr. Lim installed optical fiber for our Internet access today.  He was infinitely patient with all of our questions and concerns and very knowledgeable with his explanations. Mr. Lim worked with swift efficiency in getting our job done and hands down, he provided our best experience to date with a residential tech.  Depth of experience does matter and we won today with this awesome employee.  Congratulations, AT&T on this high-level technician.  We certainly appreciated Mr. Lim's help today!  We are extremely happy with our new Internet service!

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