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Friday, September 23rd, 2016 4:54 PM

change remote code for stb

Is there a way to change the remote code for a stb so another att remote doesn't interfere with it? We have two recievers in adjoining rooms and the remote from one room will also control the stb in the next room

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7 years ago

@bigd332 - No, the u-verse remotes are not designed to consider multiple instances of the same IR within visibility. (i.e. choose a different IR map for one pair of STB/remote).


You could try somewhat different placement - like behind the TV & bounce the controlling remote off the ceiling Maybe just turning the STB is enough.


You could cover the IR sensor with an opaque material that may cut off the weak signal without affecting the strong signal. This tape works very well in that role (outside the roll).


You could get a u-verse point anywhere remote, but that RF signal is kind of weak & needs fresh batteries to be effective - & the STB/dongel must be hidden because it generates IR that can still control the other STB.


Then you could get a Logitech Harmony hub system & hide the min-blaster/STB. This can offer more features, but is also, more expensive.

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