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Sun, May 8, 2022 12:03 AM

AT&T Customer Support understands issue with DVR receiver but fails to properly correct 5 times in two months so far. Any Help available?

A few months ago, we scheduled a move with our AT&T services that we had for year(s) prior to the move. The move was only to a different unit of the existing community that our AT&T services were established at, just a 3-digit change to unit number in address. No problem.

Our AT&T services was cut off at 6AM on date of the move from previous residence, I reconnected all equipment by 7AM at new residence, and at 9AM all AT&T services was working as fine as before. We tried to cancel the AT&T Technician appointment that was scheduled for 12noon since it was unnecessary (as implied by AT&Ts Moving Service documentation and seemed to work as expected). The Technician insisted that he should come by and check "our connections" and make sure we were getting our "speeds" and everything else we were supposed to "get". Whatever, everything was fine prior to him showing up.

After he showed up and added something (an additional box) to our fiber-optic interface, he tried to connect an upgraded DVR receiver that we did not ask for nor expected to get, but he was unable to get it to work. No problem since our existing equipment worked fine prior and after he left. He said AT&T will contact us about the DVR receiver because our current working one will quite working.

Anyhow, a month later (two months ago) while trying to resolve an issue about unexpected bill credits we got, nothing changed with our services but 3-digits in our address and a three hour "switch flip window" (I knew what I owed but AT&T Customer Support insisted I did not), our DVR receiver stopped working, some message that the "Client was not provisioned to our account". I did find out that the equipment MAC Address was one digit off from what our Network Connected Devices was showing for it.

Long story short, after contacting AT&T Customer Support twice via online chat (have transcripts) and three times via phone, they keep saying they will send a replacement DVR receiver after failing to do what that need to do on their end and after I paid what I knew I owed them even though they insisted I did not, and them making excuses about "Shipper Issues", twice I received a Wireless receiver to swap out, but am unable to get the DVR receiver that I keep asking for and they guarantee that is what they are sending.

Supposably nothing about our account changed other than the 3-digit unit address, but we don't have the DVR receiver working which actually makes U-verse TV useless without ([un-?] fortunately we pay to stream what networks we watch), yet our AT&T bill is $15+ more now than it was before the DVR receiver stopped working.

Who do I contact to resolve this issue since everyone I contacted so far understood and supposably able to fix this problem yet keep screwing up? I don't know if my account (or DVR receiver) is hacked by the additional box that was added to the fiber-optic interface by the AT&T Technician who was not technically needed, but apparently knew this was going to happen despite everything working prior to and after he showed up.

Any advice or help with this matter will be greatly appreciated. Would a physical AT&T box store be able to help, or do they just deal with cellular phones? Thanks in advance for any reply.

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AT&T stores just deal with phones.

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Anytime Uverse IPTV service is involved in a move order requires the tech dispatch…. Self installs are for internet only accounts where the address previous had service.

What TV package do you have? Questioning the $15 increase…. UBasic does not include a DVR and is $15 extra to have DVR… all other packages include the DVR. The other possibility is the annual price increase(s) at end of January, did not look this year to see what the increases were but the internet did increase by $3.

I would ask for tech dispatch if shipment failed to deliver the proper replacement equipment.




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@T_L I've had some of these issues before.  If a dvr or other set top box is provisioned with the wrong number (they don't use mac address to provision boxes they use the GUID # on the bottom of the receiver box to provision boxes, which is sometimes related to mac address #).  Since the boxes get refurbished if they change the network cards internally the mac address will change and they usually forget to update sticker.  

Provisioning can be a real pain, and often take a day or 2 to go into affect after they do it, if they manage to get it right.

Once you start getting sent the wrong model of equipment its physically impossible for any agent, even an advanced one or customer loyalty to over ride the system.  It automatically sends out "like for like"  if you get a wireless receiver, it will just keep sending wireless receivers endlessly.  The quickest way to resolve this is to have them send extensive notes to a field tech and make a field tech physically drive to your house just to swap the DVR (and pray the one they pick up at the warehouse that morning happens to actually work).

What model is your original dvr? what model is the "upgraded dvr"?  it should be written on front of box or bottom.  

The only team you can try is calling customer retention, but getting the correct model # box provisioned is difficult unless you get really lucky with a really competent agent.

and remember last but not least NEVER  power on a box they mail you until AFTER the date and time they tell you it's going to be provisioned.  It's a ridiculous system, but if you plug it in early, it messes up the system and causes old box to stop working and replacement box, and the only way to fix it is to have them manually retype in guid again and re-provision it again starting all over.

Customer retention should be able to sort out any address errors in account.  I'm not sure what you mean by extra equipment.  It might be a "wap" wireless access point for the wireless receiver.  If you provide a model # of the various equipment I can tell you what it is.

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Sorry, I'm unfamiliar about method to reply to each comment individually, so I am grouping them here as follows:

For baseballisback;

Thanks, that was what I thought. I meant to say 'brick and mortar' in place of 'box', but I guess the meaning was understood all the same.

For my thoughts;

We have the U450 with the Internet1000 plan. I'm not sure what is meant by 'Uverse IPTV' exactly, and I guess I may of misunderstood how a 'move order' actually works. As I explained everything worked exactly as I thought it would as I understood it would as implied by the information provided by AT&Ts website.

As for the bill increase, I guess I was unaware of any annual increases, it's just that each time I contact customer support, I noticed that there is a service change reported on my billing information on the My AT&T app even though nothing was supposed to changed, which does not make sense to me at all. I have a list of orders, most canceled, that I can not fine any information about said orders. Thanks for the reply, and as mentioned below I guess I'll have to have a Tech dispatched again.

For madmax988;

Beginning about the extra equipment, prior to the Technician showing up, in both residents, the fiber-optic cable came into a box that had a power cord and an Ethernet cable coming out going to the gateway, I refer to this box as the fiber-optic interface. As mentioned above, everything was working fine a few hours before the Technician showed up.

After the Technician supposedly checked the connections at that box, a box was added to that interface (piggyback style), so now the fiber-optic cable comes into a box with an Ethernet jumper cable coming out and going into the box with a power cord and an Ethernet cable coming out going to the gateway. I don't know why, but I keep thinking about how credit card skimmers work, which is really too late now.

As for the equipment prior and after the move, we have the following:

 5268AC Gateway,

 IPH8010 DVR receiver,

 VIP2500 Wireless receiver, with the

 VAP2500 Wireless Access Point

Everything was working fine as expected prior to and after the Technician showed up.

As for the upgraded DVR receiver the Technician failed to get working, I don't know the model because he took it back with him, I only have the hardware address listed in my home network device list.

It was about a month later when we were trying to resolve an issue about a large bill credit we got for no apparent reason with customer support that they kept insisting was correct and I knew was wrong, that's when the DVR stopped working. The first time they were to send a replacement DVR, the email about returning the equipment arrived before the equipment did, referred to the above VIP2500 wireless receiver. Sure enough, we received an ISB7005 wireless receiver which I actually liked because it would reboot faster than the VIP2500.

After four more attempts with customer service in resolving the billing issue and replacement DVR, supposably first time they sent the wrong equipment by mistake and then there were apparently issues with the shipper, they guaranteed that they would send the DVR, meanwhile the ISB7005 receiver worked fine. Well, we ended up getting another VIP2500.

I understand about not connecting the replacement before the specified date/time, but the last piece of equipment sent actually had two different dates/times specified. I am not sure exactly if I waited for the later date/time, but I figured I'd just forgo the DVR and just have two wireless receivers, but when connecting the second wireless (the VIP2500) receiver, it disabled the ISB7005 receiver. Anyhow, I am not sure if it's even possible to have two wireless receivers at once, or if I just did not wait for the later date/time, but I'm back with the VIP2500 while I believed the ISB7005 seemed better.

You referred to calling 'customer retention', is that a specific department I need to ask for as opposed to 'customer service' or 'technical support'? Or would it be better as the person above and you suggested to just call and have another Technician come out and replace the equipment? Shouldn't that have been done by the original Technician when he failed to get the upgraded DVR too work?

Anyhow, I really appreciate your reply, and I shall try to figure this out tomorrow after giving this some more thought if I don't get anymore replies. Thanks.

p.s. I don't know why everything seems to and should be so simple and worked ends up becoming a complicated mess not easily resolvable. 




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For future reference you just add an @ symbol before the username so that it notifies the user of your comment.

At&t has tprettt much the worst useless tech and customer support.  They hate customers except for our money and don't understand why we keep bothering them.

You need to have 1 dvr hooked up (the iph8010, which is the best dvr model they offer assuming it works since they are allowed and refurbished) or you won't be able to record and shows or pause and rewind live TV.

You can have 2 wireless receivers(isb7005 or vip2500) connected to the wap(vap2500). I happen to have 1 of each although the different models sometimes can have bugs with a specific wap model(I had to swap the motorla vip2500 for an older ven501 wap for both boxes to work). It also of course depends on if the wireless signal from wap reaches both boxes and you get full bars on both.

Also once they send you replacements the old box can becomes unprovisioned so you kind of are commited to switching after time it says.

You can ask for customer retention/loyalty or Google to get a direct number but att doesn't allow number to be posted in forums.

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