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Wednesday, December 28th, 2022 7:58 PM

AT&T Customer Service Management and Equipment Orders

Why can't customers get or find a telephone number for AT&T Customer Service management? Whenever I've had an occasion to call the 800-288-2020 number to speak to a customer service rep. and subsequently asked to speak to the CSR's supervisor, there has never been one available to talk with at that time.  The CSRs either do not have or say they can't give me a phone number to call any manager/management. 

Why is management so isolated from the public and customer service?  This is completely unacceptable customer service.  One time I accepted the CSR's offer to have a supervisor call me back at a later time, but I could not get a definite day/date or time I would receive the callback, and in fact, I never received a callback. 

If AT&T wants to continue in existence the company needs to make some drastic changes in customer services.  1) there needs to be ways for customers to contact management to escalate billing and or local service problems, and 2) there needs to be faster delivery of requested equipment than there is presently.  In this day of electronics and data transmission, there is no reason it should take 10-20 days for an equipment order to be delivered from the time the order is entered by a customer service representative. 

I'm not expecting AT&T to have the same delivery system as Amazon, but I do expect that when an order is placed by a CSR to a warehouse the order should be received within seconds and then a warehouse employee picks up the order that same day, and place the piece of equipment ordered in a box and mailed by the next day.  What is so difficult about that?


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5 months ago

@xyz111  Is your goal to hijack every thread? 


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5 months ago

The original post above expressed frustration at dealing with AT&T customer service, and that there doesn't seem to be any recourse when the company does not provide customer service - whether it involves service, equipment, billing.  From the above post, "management" is a myth.

Many other threads have suggested contacting the BBB or FCC - this link is a option to inform the FCC  If you do file a complaint, AT&T is required to respond within 30 days. 

Is there a separate forum here for customer service issues, where users can find and share information on how to contact the company for help when Customer Service isn't doing their job?  It seems like the recurring theme to many posts is that people have tried calling, chatting, and using the app and website, but AT&T is NOT solving their issues, so they are posting here hoping that someone can give them advice.

If someone is being charged for equipment they've returned, or are being billed incorrectly, or don't have reliable service, or any of the other issues throughout the forum, and AT&T is not providing resolution, then file a complaint - that is what the BBB and FCC are for - consumer protection and assistance.  Please don't interfere with sharing that information - my understanding is that this forum is meant to help each other.




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5 months ago

I agree. Contact corporate att customer service.  Eventually you'll get someone who you can talk to but it does take time .  Also for lesser issues ask for customer retention/loyalty or Google for a direct number(they constantly change direct number.  Customer retention is domestic representatives only and answers in under 5-10 mins.

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