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southern planter



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Wed, Nov 9, 2011 3:29 PM

Wireless Receiver



How much is the new u-verse wireless receiver and does it really work well?  Thanks




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7 years ago

do you have to have uverse internet to use the uverse wireless reciever? 




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7 years ago

Mr.Din - No, the wireless receiver uses a different wi-fi signal.

Both TV and internet are available, if subscribed, together or individually on COAX(HPNA) and the four network jacks on the RG.
Internet is also available on the wi-fi built in to the RG.
TV wireless connects by plugging a WAP (wireless access point) into one of the four network jacks on the RG. The WAP is the wi-fi source for up to two wireless receivers.

There was a time when the wireless receiver was not available for INID (aka bonded pair) installs. I believe it is currently available,

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