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Mon, Sep 2, 2019 10:52 AM

Uverse receiver connecting to a WiFi extender

The modem provided by ATT does not cover my entire home so I have bought a WiFi extender. I have the extender set up so that phones, etc are seeing it. How can I set up my ATT Wireless Uverse Receiver (ie cable box) to use the extended network instead of the modem network?


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a year ago

The wireless receivers can only communicate with its WAP (wireless access point - little box ethernet connected to the gateway).  You cannot use extenders for those.  If you are having signal strength problems try moving the WAP to a better position if possible.  Might want to use a longer ethernt cable on the WAP to give you more freedom to move it around.


Other alternatives, pay att to relocate your wall/street connection ($99 I think) so you can move the gateway to a more central location for the WAP to use or maybe wire the wireless receiver via ethenet.  One possibility with the latter is attempt to use ethernet powerline adapters. It works for some, not all, and there is no guarantee.  Problem with those is that they don't necessarily play nice with other other devices plugged into the mains and vice versa.




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a year ago



How can I set up my ATT Wireless Uverse Receiver (ie cable box) to use the extended network instead of the modem network?

You shouldn't have to connect your "Receiver" to the _EXT. This is just like it says, an extender, it doesn't increase signal strength, it just extends it so you can receive a WIFI signal further away from your router Now if you have a problem with a weak or no signal where your "Receiver" is located then try to relocated it. But if you insist on connecting it to the extender then you will have to go into the "Receivers'" settings and reconfigure your network settings. I hope this helps.




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I have a similar issue. How do I go into the Receivers settings? I do not want to move my WAP and it seems like an extender should work but I cannot figure out how to tell my receiver to use the extender's name.


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a month ago

I bought an extender SPECIFICALLY to increase the signal for the wireless TV boxes. I have 3 and none of them can maintain a good signal. One is 10 ft away in the next room, the other 20 ft away in the bedroom & a third downstairs. How the (Edited per community guidelines) am I going to get a signal downstairs??? Cut out a big hole In the floor?? U-verse is a scam. Sell me on a whole house wireless system that works only with a wire in the same room as the WAP.   



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a month ago

@sschablow ,

making a reply to a year-old post is not as likely to get you attention to your issue as making your own post.  To your point:

1) No, an Wi-Fi extender will not work for your TV Receivers

2) You should not need an extender for 10-20 feet away.

3) Ensure that your WAP is at least 3 feet away from your Gateway and as close as possible to your TV Receivers.  If your TV Receiver is on a different floor, it may be necessary to tilt your WAP so that the TV Receiver is on the WAP's horizontal plane.

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