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Thu, Jun 22, 2017 2:07 AM

Rewind error

Can't rewind when watching programming.  Message says, "The Rewind command is not available.  The DVR is currently unplugged or restarting."   Has been doing this all day.


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3 years ago

You also cannot record a show or watch a recording from that receiver either....


These are DVR functions that require the receiver to access the DVR to fulfill the request.

Does the DVR itself function correctly? Can pause, rewind, fast forward, record, etc from DVR?

If yes perform a reboot of the equipment, to save time instead of doing each individually recommend the whole home reboot...

Unplug power to all Uverse equipment, plug in gateway, wait 5 minutes, plug in DVR wait 5 minutes, plug in receiver wait 5 minutes... How does the receiver function? Same as before or DVR functions restored at receiver?


If still issue after doing whole home reboot, DVR is functional, then repeat the above steps but factory reset the gateway (CAUTION: factory resetting gateway will loss any custom settings such as WiFi name/password, etc) 

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