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Thu, Jun 7, 2018 1:59 PM

Please help! No longer can control VIP 1200 (or VIP 2500) with Slingbox Pro HD

Just recently switched back to U-Verse from direct TV.  My Slingbox Pro HD was working fine with the wireless Direct TV Box as far as the IR Blasters being able to control the remote.  Prior to being on Satellite, had U-Verse and was able to use my SlingBox without issue.


Now that I am switched back to U-Verse, I can no longer remote control (via the Slingbox IR-Blasters) the VIP 1200 Box.


Have picture and sound - so no connectivity issues or problems accessing the Slingbox on the internet.  The only problem is with the remote control.  I have updated the Slingbox with the VIP 1200 Settings in Slingbox configuration and even tried the other with the various generic codes and nothing is working to be able to remote control the box.  Also tried to hook up a VIP 2500 but there is no remote profile in the Slingbox configuration for the VIP 2500 and it does not work with any of the other AT&T U-Verse remote profiles.


Completely at a loss as it was working fine with the Sat back couple days ago.


Thanks in advance!


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2 years ago

Hello @SlingBoxMan,

The SlingBox is a great device to enhance your entertainment experience!  Not being able to connect the remote to it can be annoying and problematic.  We do have some information which may help!

First, there are some self-service troubleshooting steps to try.  Please visit our Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool.  Here, you choose your U-verse TV > then choose the Remote Control.  You can follow this troubleshooting flow to determine the best resolution for your issue! This link will provide troubleshooting tips and this forum post will provide further troubleshooting and information about the remotes.

In regard to the SlingBox, we will not have proper information for its configuration and connection preferences.  I would need to refer you to SlingBox support for further troubleshooting and options. 

I hope this information helps.  Have a great day!

Adam, AT&T Community Specialist

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