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Sun, Jul 30, 2017 2:29 PM

Newest Uverse Tv Boxes

AT&T U-Verse and Fiber were just installed at my house. I am wondering if the newest equipment was installed or older-refurbished equipment was installed. The boxes (Motorola VIP1200) seem to be bulky and outdated, compared to the previous AT&T U-Verse boxes I had, 4 years ago. Are these the most recent? Are there newer boxes, and/or boxes that support RF remotes, so my cable boxes can be in a central closet like my previous provider? If so, how do I get the newest equipment? Please advise, thank you!


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3 years ago

Fiber is just to the gateway, past the gateway (599, 5268, 210 in limited markets) all receivers and wiring same as copper install... DVR, receiver, WAP, WiFi receivers all same installed same, coax, Ethernet, or wireless.


The 1200s are 1st gen hardwired receivers.


Are the tv locations using coax connection or Ethernet connection?

If coax would need to be older gray receivers.

Wireless receivers can be used as hardwired on Ethernet cabling.


As always techs are limited to what is on the truck.

While it may vary by region (area), generally have (3) DVRs, (3) wireless receivers and (4) 1st gen receivers.

The first install of day will use some equipment, the 2nd install has option of what is left on truck.


Could request different units, but if coax connection will be gray 1st gen receivers.

As stated, Uverse wireless remotes work on all set top boxes, using the USB port.

If desire RF remotes best to look at 3rd party equipment options.


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3 years ago

They left a VIP1200 for a fiber install?  Strange.  I would think for fiber you should have been given at least a NVG599 or a 5268ac. 


Were you using the 1200 with a coax connection to the outside?  I didn't even know they could convert the fiber to a coax since the newer boxes all require a cat5 (actually twisted pair) connection to the outside.


At any rate I would call tech support and ask for a newer dvr.  While you don't really get a specific choice it almost certainly won't be a 1200.


As for the RF connection.  Any of these boxes will work for that since the RF receiver plugs into the usb port on the front of the receivers.  But not ATT no longer sells there but it can still be found elsewhere like Amazon.  Or find a ATT receiver compatible universal remote.

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