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Tue, Feb 18, 2020 4:01 PM

I lose signal every night at 9:40 pm

Every night for the last 2 weeks, my gateway box goes out and I loose internet and my cable signal. All of the lights on the gateway box flash and the Broadband 1 & 2 light flashes red. The signal light disappears completely. I have to unplug the gateway box and reboot it. The first time I called ATT and they said I need a new gateway box so they sent me a new on but the problem continues to happen every night at 9:40 pm. Everytime I call, they do the same thing, test my service and reboot it and say its good now but it still happens every night. I am seriously tired of this, why does it keep happening!?!? ATT you are about to loose a good customer if you cant figure out why this keeps happening and fix it!! I see this same thing happens to ALOT of people, you need to get this right!!! Am I going to get a credit on my bill every time this happens??





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2 months ago

@anag when i was a tech i had a couple customers with similar issues

first one was whenever the street lights came on they lost synch, turns out the pge light attached to the same pole with their drop on it wasnt grounded and caused interference

second one was the the customers hot tub everytime the jets or keep warm pumps came on they lost synch

i would pay close attention to see if theres something specific happening at that exact time, automatic sprinklles, street lights etc.

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Okay, thank you. I will try to look. It is definitely not the street light as they are already on by 9:40 so maybe something else. Hmm.

Thank you

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