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Tue, Oct 21, 2014 7:48 PM

How to Troubleshoot your DVR/Receivers

If you're having trouble with your receivers, as listed below, scroll down to find steps to resolve them. For Wireless TV Receiver help, check out our Wireless Receiver Solution page. 

  • Receiver resets

  • Loss of recordings

  • Pixilation

  • Freezing

  • Gear/ Cog, Red X, Client Unprovisioned, or Client Initialization Error

Rebooting the receiver is the quickest way to resolve most service issues:

  • Press and hold the power button(located on the left side of the receiver) for 10 seconds.

  • Unplugging the power cord from the wall outlet for 10 seconds is another option.



Surge Protectors

Is the receiver plugged into a surge protector? It may be causing: 

  • unwanted receiver resets

  • loss of recordings

  • pixilation

  • freezing

  • complete failure of the receiver

Plugging the receiver into a wall outlet, in some instances, can resolve most picture disruption issues. If you must use a power strip, use the surge protectors that are designed for high powered electronics.


Receiver Connections

Make sure all connections (wall to receiver, receiver to TV) are placed firmly into the receiver. If the cables going from the wall to the equipment are damage, chat with us.

Note: If you are using a 3rd party switch to connect the receivers, remove it and test. Some switches have been known to interfere with the signal.



To avoid losing your saved programs, perform the Non-Disaster Recovery for DVR/Receivers:

  1. Unplug the receiver or DVR power cord from the wall or back of the box.

  2. Wait 10 seconds.

  3. Plug in the receiver and DVR.

  4. When three white dots appear on the screen, unplug the receiver/DVR again.

  5. Repeat this process two more times.

  6. Plug the receiver/DVR back in on the third time and leave in. Three white dots appear followed by a gear with a status bar at the bottom of the screen. If the Recovery screen does not appear, repeat the steps above.

If you are still experiencing issues with your DVR after that, perform a Disaster Recovery on the device.


Disaster Recovery for DVR/Receivers:
WARNING!: Disaster Recovery steps will cause your DVR to lose all pre-existing data such as: Recordings, Parental control settings, and aspect ratio settings.                                                                                                 

  1. Using the above image as guidance, hold down the Down arrow key + OK key +Power key outlined in red at the same time to power down the DVR.

  2. Continue pressing these keys until a gear appears on the screen and release the Down arrow + OK keys.

  3. If the gear on the TV screen appears, wait until completion.

  4. If the gear on the TV screen does not appear, repeat the disaster recovery process. 

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3 years ago

I've called around 5 times now trying to get my DVR to record and play shows that we know have recorded.  All I keep getting are non-Americans at AMERICAN Telephone & Telegraph on the other side of the world trying to tell me how to troubleshoot.  I'm DEFINITELY going back to Spectrum!  AT&T is a COMPLETE waste of time and money!!!!!!!!!!




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3 years ago

OK  HELP   !!!!!!!!!! It has been 6 months of trouble shooting. 3 DVR,S 2 MODEMS and 19  HOURS  and 45 MIN Logged   on the  phone with Customer Service. Supervisors from Wisc, Tex, MI, KY  AND NOBODY  !!!!!! Can fix my problem. I have had Local Managers in my area out to my house, Relay,s on pole replaced , every attempt has failed us. CAN ANYONE at ATT help solve this problem before my wife DEMANDS to leave ATT....I can not take much more stress from her and ATT.......This is my 1st attempt to reach out on forum or the web site BUT  I,m determined  on getting my service working correctly ...Teddy with gray hair now in Ohio

ACE - Expert


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3 years ago

@BUCKEYEGOODGUY  It would help if you could describe the problems & issues you are having.

Don't mess with old people.  The older we get, the less "Life in Prison" is a deterrent.

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3 years ago

Sorry, Thought I was on the page for the problem of DVR...Erasing / Gone  Recordings.  ALL RECORDINGS  disappear all the time. 3/6   3/12  3/19  3/24  4/3 4/9  4/19 4/24   But started this in October..Those are just the dates of most recent.



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2 years ago

Us too, same issue, rebooting everyday!




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2 years ago

Yes I have same problem 3 modems 1 technician 2 new dvr boxes.. Stills skips and freeze every 10 minutes especially morning time and night time. ATT is useless and I really didn't want to go to Comcast but there is no option. Pretty much same cost but ATT skips constantly and all they want to do is keep sending a technician that doesn't solve nothing. LOL like the same day the technician left it started skipping, I lose signal then the cable will reboot itself automatically, then sometimes the cable will freeze like solid freeze and reboot.. The DVR recordings all skip now even old recordings all skipping... JUSST LEAVE ATT NOT THE SAME NO MORE 7 YEARS NOT I HAVE TO SWITCH




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a year ago

Nothing I do works to restore the recording list. I have this problem every single day. I go through all the suggested set up steps: 1) reboot the DVR - nope 2 ) reboot the Gateway - nope 3) reboot all three devices sequentially - nope, 4 ) Troubleshoot - nope. Sometimes spontaneously the recordings appear hours later. Then, they mysteriously go away again. I am so sick of this. The one reason I switched from Xfinity was because I was assured I could record shows. Well, if I can't see them, what good is this system. I see this complaint all over the internet, so it just isn't me.            Also, I was told I could see my shows remotely - I cannot. I am ready to go back to Xfinity - far superior to this daily garbage. 

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