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Sat, Aug 18, 2018 10:53 PM

DVR space remaining won't drop below 19%

image.jpgDVR storage capacity stops keeping track when it gets down to 19%/ 69 hours HD remaining.
while the DVR said 69 hours free the uverse app says it has 99 hours 28% free. 

If I record something at this point it does not delete anything on it's own to free up space and it remains at 69 hours free. 

if I delete programs the DVR increases its remaining space indicator accordingly and the app increases its as well. By the same amount, roughly 30 hours or 10%
Pace 8010 DVR
arris Bgw 210-700 gateway fiber connection
non destructive reset did nothing, box just restarted, "gear with status bar" never appeared after several repeated attempts


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